Success or failure of a business depends largely on the accuracy of available information. Often sincere efforts are wasted because of inadequate and inaccurate information. Realizing the scarcity of such information and limitations of the present business community to provide it, PROMARK was formed by a group of highly qualified professionals who have received their education and experience in reputed institutions abroad and in Pakistan. Together they form a strong nucleus combining proficiency and competency in the areas of marketing, management, engineering and social sciences.PROMARK executes its marketing research assignments with the help of carefully selected and professionally trained field interviewers who cover all regions of Pakistan. A regional supervisor, appointed in each region, coordinates activities of the field force.SERVICES OFFEREDPROMARK provides a number of services to its clients. The focus is to provide implementable recommendations to the management, thus helping them in their decision making. A list of key areas covered by PROMARK is given below:

  • Consumer Profile based on geographic locations, income levels, education, language groups, age, gender, etc.
  • Media Research covering television viewers, cinema goers, radio listeners, and readers of newspapers and journals.
  • Market Identification covering consumer needs, market size, brand awareness, brand image, brand loyalty, trial rate, pre and post launch studies, and importance of product attributes.
  • Consumer Buying Behaviour covering sources of awareness, persons influencing buying decision, decision makers, actual buyers, and consumption pattern.
  • Product Testing covering product awareness, product perception, trial use, repeat use and product evaluation
  • Ad-Impact Studies covering ad pre-testing, ad post-testing, recall of theme, message and/or slogan, ad effectiveness.
  • Taste Test
  • Free Sampling / Town Storming
  • Focus Group Discussions
  • Packaging Test
  • Product Promotion and Distribution Strategies
  • Consumer/Service Users Satisfaction Surveys
  • Evaluation, Monitoring and Data Collection Services to various Public and Private Sector Organizations and Non-Government Organizations (NGO's)

The following sequence is carried out in accomplishing our research:
  • Sampling
  • Questionnaire Design
  • Field Interviewing
  • Data Processing
  • Analyses
Our competent data processing staff uses latest window-based software for data entry, processing and report writing. Our computing and support facilities include:
  • IBM Compatible Pentium Computers
  • HP Laserjet and EPSON dot matrix printers
  • Latest window-based software for statistical and financial analysis, word processing, and spreadsheet, etc.
  • Audio-visual equipment for product demonstration and ad-impact studies

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